About Me

Thank you for visiting my Website!

The World is Beautiful, did you notice? Through my Landscape and Nature photos I try to tell the story of a tree, a river, an amazing skyline …. and share an optimistic view on our environment.

Military monuments, castles, fortresses, Worldwar I and II sites and cemeteries are part of our history; they form our heritage. I try to keep the memory alive and honor those who gave their lives, believing they were defending the right cause.

I invite you to visit the portfolio-tab to see a selection of my portfolio.
You will be redirected to my Nikon Image Space Cloud Store.

See where I intend to shoot this year on the Calendar tab. You are welcome to join but let me know first!

In my backpack…

D610 Full Frame Reflex body

  • Nikkor 35MM,
  • Nikkor 70-300MM,
  • Sigma 12-24,
  • SIGMA ART 24-70mm
  • Nikkor Macro 105MM
  • Nikkor 200-500MM

LEDgo light panel
BENRO tripod – B2 ballhead


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